Points in a Square

Points in a Square, 2017
digital video, 1minute45

Points in a Square is a remix of a tennis broadcast (Agassi v. Sampras, US Open Final, 1990) in which 76 points (service/volley/point) have been extracted, overlaid, and manipulated. The piece emphasizes the geometric formalism of the tennis court, the perspectival representation of the broadcast tactical camera, and the subversion of the image as material for abstraction. The form of the square frees the image of the common 16:9 HD aspect ratio, and references both the nostalgia of the 4:3 standard ratio, as well as the shape of a pixel. Points in a Square explores the artifacts and flattening effects of compression, and the life of narrative content as it passes from the physical space, to broadcast production, to digital conversion, to YouTube compression. Thanks to YouTube user legend tennis for the source material.