BENDS: Clark Hall, UMass Amherst

Sensorial confusion, sewn pixelation, and cereal boxes: Lauren Kohne
Guess who. Guess what? Guess Who: Eben Kling
Circuit bends, sublime projections, and Play Station: Dave Musgrave

Bent rules, broken games, and sinestesia. This event drew relationships between approaches to misuse. Lauren's various translations and re-interpretations of material (poems, cereal box CMYK codes, recorded spoken-word) reflect her own experience with sinestesia, and result in formal, aesthetic images. Dave's disrupted video game consoles often produce similar compositions of color and form—images available to the viewer to manipulate and play. The dilemmas of identification and classification used in Guess Who are explored through Eben's altered game. Drawings of his characters replace the faces from the  original 1979 version.

Some images courtesy of Andrew Del Valle

November '13 Bends